Sunday, October 31, 2010

When the Issues Don't Work, Make It Personal

Negative campaign tactics are a perennial part of politics that members of both parties engage in. But Jim Geraghty notes the particular frenzy with which the Democrats are going personal with their attacks on Republican opponents this year.
Meanwhile . . . after telling themselves for decades that their ideas are better, and that if the election is about ideas, they win, what are liberals running on?

The DCCC is running ads about Kristi Noem’s speeding tickets, Keith Fimian’s home-inspection business, Jaime Herrera’s business-card expenses. Tennessee Democrat Lincoln Davis accuses his opponent of "a history of violent and threatening behavior."

As we all know, Jack Conway is running an ad on the Aqua Buddha. The DSCC is running an ad saying that because Pat Toomey did work for a Chinese company, "maybe he ought to run for Senate . . . in China. (Gong noise.)" We all know how much of the DSCC attacks on Christine O’Donnell have been about her personal finances, and how much fun they had with Linda McMahon’s wacky on-camera performances as part of the WWF. And the White House, of course, is screaming from the rooftops that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce must prove their innocence over their unsupported charge of using foreign money.

They could just tell us how great that health care bill they passed is going to work out. Oh, never mind!

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