Tuesday, October 19, 2010

We're Finding Out What's In It

Among the most recent gotchas coming out of ObamaReidPelosi care include its negative impact on employees' health benefits and its role in the closing of some Catholic hospitals.

There is a bright side however. In the Monday hearing on Virginia's suit challenging the constitutionality of the plan's mandate for individuals to have health insurance (not the only state challenge to the plan), it was noted that the plan has no "severability" clause. In their rush to pass this monstrosity before anyone could find out what's in it, the plan's proponents forgot to include a usually standard clause for complex legislation stating that a finding that one part of the legislation is unconstitutional does not invalidate those parts that are not ruled unconstitutional. Thus, a ruling that the mandate is unconstitutional could threaten to bring down the whole plan.

In the meantime, many of those in Congress that voted for this debacle are discovering another gotcha: their pink slip to be delivered on November 2.

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