Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cure for Disease as Cure for Health Care Crisis

James Pinkerton points out how curing disease, in this case, Alzheimer’s, could go a long way toward solving, or at least mitigating, the financial challenges facing the health care system. I would think that the same would be true for curing other major maladies such as heart disease and cancer.

The author seems to claim that this would make the current health care debate almost irrelevant, but I still see the critical need to repeal or at least neutralize ObamaReidPelosi care in the interest of allowing cutting edge medical research to go forward and allowing patients to access that research's results when they need them. (I'll probably just refer to "Obamacare" after Tuesday, when hopefully Reid and Pelosi will no longer be relevant.)

Nevertheless, Pinkerton's primary point is well taken. Let's think big and take a can-do attitude toward solving society's problems in ways that liberate human persons rather than restricting them.

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