Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Two Weeks and Counting

The midterm election that seemed so long in coming is now only two weeks away. While I'm cautious about making predictions, it's looking like the Republicans are holding on to a lead that could bring to substantial gains in Congress. One race nearby that would have seemed most safe for the Dems may actually be making a leading Democrat very nervous.

What's most exciting about this race is that even the Republican establishment is not in control of events. The rise of the Tea Party movement is not only taking on establishment politicians but also the establishment media, which for so long has portrayed events to its consumers through the lens of its own assumptions (fantasies) of what the world should be like.

Now President Obama thinks this political climate is a result of we the people being too fearful to think clearly enough to accept his obviously superior ideas and plans for us.

Those who think they are so much more intelligent and morally superior have recently given us more priceless gems than I can keep track of, but here is the latest howler.

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