Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Speaking (and Showing) Truth to Power Rocks the Capital

Missy Smith is running to replace Eleanor Holmes Norton as DC's non-voting Congress member. She's unlikely to win the seat but may have more impact on our society than any other candidate running this year.

Missy Smith is taking advantage of an obscure federal election law to bypass media censorship of the gruesome reality of abortion. Jill Stanek explains further here with video links to the graphic ads.

These powerful and moving ads have already run on several local news and late night comedy shows, starting yesterday.

I've donated to Missy Smith's campaign to run the ads at her campaign web site. I know presenting the graphic reality of abortion is a controversial issue even among prolife people, but I think we've been blessed with a rare opportunity to cut through the BS of misleading euphemisms and political cliches to challenge those in power with the brutal consequences of the policies they defend.

This campaign in our nation's capital may go down in history as a start of a turning point in the long-running struggle over abortion. Please consider supporting this effort.

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