Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Circus On The Severn Convenes For 2018

The Maryland General Assembly convened on Wednesday for its 2018 ninety day run as this year's election for Governor and other executive offices and the whole Assembly looms large. Taxes, transportation, crime and other issues will be prominent issues of contention. Here's more on what to expect from this session. Also, persistent vigilance is required to thwart another attempt at legislating physician-assisted suicide (PAS) in Maryland this year.

While legislators and other officials are prohibited from fundraising and certain other activities during the session, party officials and grassroots activists across the spectrum are already gearing up for this year's contentious and pivotal election. Governor Larry Hogan is standing for reelection and will be contested by one of the numerous Democrats contending for their party's nomination. Meanwhile, candidates are filing and additional candidates are being sought to fill the ballots for legislative districts across the state. The outcome this year will shape redistricting based on the 2020 census which will set the direction of Maryland politics for the next decade.

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