Thursday, January 22, 2015

Marching For Life In 2015

I participated today in the 42nd annual March for Life in Washington, DC. While I did not have an overhead view to see the whole crowd, it was likely in the hundreds of thousands. Thankfully, temperatures were more moderate this year than they were for last year's gathering of the "frozen chosen". Regardless of the weather, this marking of the somber anniversary of the 1973 abortion decisions becomes a joyful affirmation of the dignity of human life with a large proportion of young participants.

From the front of the March, the huge crowd extends back over many blocks of Constitution Ave.
My friends from Colorado came to DC to join the March this year.
The "progressive" label does not always denote authentic human progress.
Young people lead the March.
Silent No More brings the personal pain of abortion to the Supreme Court.
It can't be any clearer than how Horton says it.
Secular Prolife makes the case that protecting the unborn is a human rights issue based on solid science.
Here I am in front of the Supreme Court.

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