Monday, November 01, 2010

The Time for Decision Is at Hand

In a few days I’ll have time to clean up my house, get more rest, take an autumn hike on a mountain trail, spend more time at than I do at, etc.. These have been the final days of phone-calling, sign-posting, blogging and Election Day at the polls activities tomorrow. Kathryn Jean Lopez wrote last week of her similar feelings of loving the importance and excitement of politics with a yearning for a post-election respite.

I voted early here in Maryland last week, casting my vote for Bob Ehrlich for Governor and the rest of the team fighting to bring some balance to my state and county. For those who haven't had the chance to vote already, tomorrow is your chance to have your say in the future of your community state and country. Whatever your politics, whatever your mood, it's important to take time out of your normal frantic life to cast your vote

I'm encouraged by the nationwide polling trends and have high hope for races I've been watching in other states including Pennsylvania, California Nevada and, yes, Delaware for character and optimism to win out over widespread cynicism. However, the only poll that counts is the election itself and now is no time for complacency. Get out and vote and bring others along with you.

I heard one pundit this evening say that we may be sailing on uncharted waters. The choice of world views is stark, between a culture of death and an increasingly oppressive state v. a culture of life and a new birth of freedom. Here is a link to prayer for guidance at this critical time.

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