Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Riding the Wave

The Day After: Yesterday's historic national wave that turned over the House and restored a closer balance to the Senate is quite exciting, even though not unexpected (with a few races TBD). The victories of Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Pat Toomey (kudos to my native state) and others represent a welcome conservative resurgence to at least a more balanced government after the last couple years of a frenzied liberal agenda.

Of course there were heartbreaks, starting here in Maryland with the loss of Bob Ehrlich's run for Governor and other good state and local candidates, while a bright spot is the addition of Andy Harris to Congress. Also sorry to see O'Donnell, Angle and Fiorina lose their Senate races (Hard to take California keeping Boxer and recycling Jerry Brown for Governor).

Overall, however, this is a fresh start for our country, with a galvanized grassroots citizens movement that will hopefully remain vigilant at keeping both parties accountable for living up to the principles of life and liberty that our nation was founded on.

I need to get back to a more normal bedtime schedule but they'll be plenty of fallout to watch and possibly comment on in the coming days.

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