Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Primary Election Wrap-Up

Yesterday's primary elections in six states produced quite exciting news. The win by Christine O'Donnell for the Republican Senate nomination in Delaware highlighted the grassroots political movement upstaging the conventional political wisdom. While her nomination may make it more challenging for the GOP to win that seat, I'm always inclined to reject the kind of excessive pessimism that says she "can't win". May Christine O'Donnell be part of the wave that sweeps into Washington in November.

Closer to home, former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich won the Republican nomination to take back the governorship from current Democratic Governor Martin O'Malley, despite a hard fought campaign by businessman Brian Murphy. While Murphy's strong prolife stand was more aligned with mine than Ehrlich's mixed views, the choice is now between Ehrlich and O'Malley, who shares the extreme pro-abortion position commonly held by liberal Democrats.

Bob Ehrlich favors cutting spending and taxes and improving Maryland's environment for business and jobs. Another key issue in this race is the redistricting that will take place next year. It is crucial to have a Republican governor in place to restore some sanity to the layout of the Congressional and state legislative districts, which will make it more possible to elect prolife and generally conservative candidates in Maryland for years to come. On to an Ehrlich-Kane victory in November!

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