Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Converging on Closure for NASA 

I've been following the process on the House floor as S. 3729, the Senate passed NASA authorization bill is considered along with numerous other pieces of legislation as the House races to adjourn/recess before the election. Debates were held earlier and votes are now occurring. I've been primarily following this NasaSpaceflight.com forum along with the official floor proceedings. The NASA authorization should be occurring soon.

UPDATE 11:36 PM EDT: Bill passed!!! Now we have a chance to advance a space program that can plan exploration, attempt to develop affordable heavy lift, engage the commercial sector and develop new technology for advancing the frontier.

Check out the usual space sites. I can add links tomorrow. Time for bed.

UPDATE: 9/30: Here's the recorded roll call vote, the Spacetoday.net summary and links and the NASASpaceflight.com article. Numerous posts and links have been posted at HobbySpace.com.

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