Sunday, May 09, 2010

Kathryn Jean Lopez on Pope Benedict and Church Scandals

I haven't posted anything so far on the latest round of reports on the shameful scandals of the small minority of priests who abused minors and of some bishops who tried to sweep these crimes under the rug. Kathryn Jean Lopez points out that attempts to bring down Pope Benedict XVI and the Church as a whole are misdirected, agenda driven and futile.
He weeps, too, because of all the priests and Catholics who walk around with a cloud above them, or who are confused and angry and hurt because of what a minority have done. He knows that there are men and women who are in grave danger of losing their faith because of others who have lacked the courage of integrity.

While MSNBC waits for the pope’s resignation, he, every day, leads a renewal. In our hearts and in the structure of the Church. I think even the New York Times realizes it. It’s why they grasp at old stories, trying to obscure what’s happening now. And even as they do that, they have to admit, as they recently did, that "there are indications that Benedict had a lower tolerance for sexual misconduct by elite clergy members than other top Vatican officials."

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