Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Getting Crazy in Fantasy Land

No, I'm not talking about Disney World but the struggle on Capitol Hill, where Democratic leaders are trying desperately to round up the votes to pass the ObamaReidPelosi health care bill over broad opposition. A few highlights:

- Nancy Pelosi is considering a gimmick whereby modifications to the Senate bill that will have been "deemed" to have passed will be voted on (while promising even more bizarre legislation to come if she succeeds this time). I think enough Americans will see through this dubious (and constitutionally questionable) move that if it is implemented it could trigger an unprecedented peacetime political crisis in the nation.

- House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.) says the despite the climactic sense surrounding this week, a vote on some mutation of health care legislation might be delayed until past Easter. The Democratic leaders really want to avoid that though. Going home for Easter recess means that Congress members would again be "contaminated" by their constituents, many of whom are already burning down the Congressional phone lines in order to be heard. Here's another report on a "Rush" of phone calls to Capitol Hill and a report on today's Tea Party rally in DC.

- President Obama has threatened to not campaign for Democratic members who vote against the ObamReidPelosi bill. Considering all the good his campaigning did for Creigh Deeds (Virginia), John Corzine (New Jersey) and Martha Coakley (Massachusetts), I wonder if that will be seen as a threat or a promise.

- The vote math in the House may be more dramatic then the March Madness basketball tournaments. This ABC News analysis indicates the challenge Pelosi and her leadership have in passing a bill (or "deeming" a bill to pass). Once again, Bart Stupak and a small number of fellow prolife Democrats may tip the balance. Stay tuned, as there may be some votes switching both ways since the House's November vote.

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