Saturday, March 20, 2010

Down to the Wire, Fighting for the Republic

Spring came to the northern hemisphere and Washington DC today on this pivotal weekend as the nation struggles over its direction. I joined a crowd estimated at at least 25,000 this afternoon on the Capitol west lawn rallying to support life and liberty and oppose the latest mutation of the ObamaReidPelosi health care bill.

Here are the Senate passed bill plus other relevant documents plus the latest House proposed changes ("reconciliation").

President Barack Obama's second cousin, Dr. Milton R. Wolf, explains why the health care bill would be bad for his patients and the nation, as he explains in this earlier article.

Among many creative signs, note the one in the center held by one of many docs who say that ObamaCare is bad medicine.

The image of Congress has been cheapened in the eyes of many Americans by the desperate dealing to try to pass this severely flawed legislation. (Watch this 8 sec. video clip of one House Democratic leader admitting they make up the rules as they go along.)

Today's citizens' actions included not only the rally, but visits to the House members offices. At the three Maryland offices I visited, Staffers at Reps. Van Hollen and Hoyer politely listened to citizens' objections to the bill, while Rep. Cummings' office was closed.

Rally activities were continuing into the evening and into tomorrow. Media reports indicate that the vote tally is still extremely close with intense pressure being put on ambivalent Democratic House members. Time to watch and pray.

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