Thursday, January 28, 2010

Touchdown for Life

Plans for a Super Bowl ad featuring college football superstar Tim Tebow describing how his mother chose life for him during a difficult pregnancy situation has raised panic among the usual suspects.
"I don't think it’s anything that’s negative or anything like that," Tebow said, according to the newspaper. "It’s a good time and place. There are a lot of people watching. It’s a great opportunity to show something very happy and a special story and my mom fighting for me. There are a lot of great things in that"

CBS is, at least currently, planning to air the ad while allowing other possible advocacy ads during its Super Bowl coverage.

Good for CBS if they follow through and air the ad and for Sarah Palin who eloquently weighed in in support of the Tebow ad.
"What a ridiculous situation they're getting themselves into now with their protest of CBS airing a pro-life ad during the upcoming Super Bowl game," she continued.

She said there is nothing wrong with an ad that will "speak to the sanctity of life and the beautiful potential within every innocent child as Mrs. Tebow acknowledges her choice to give Tim life, despite less than ideal circumstances."

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