Friday, August 24, 2007

Culture of Death Activities and Prolife Networking

Planned Parenthood tries to present itself (and is often presented by the conventional media) as a reputable mainstream organization providing needed 'services' to people. So why does PP feel it has to disguise itself when building its facilities in various communities? Jill Stanek looks at this situation.

Then there's Amnesty International, the one time reputable leading human rights organization that through some kind of reverse logic decided that abortion itself is a 'human right'. John Mallon asks AI, "What Part of Human Rights Don’t You Understand?"
So, in reality, with AI’s decision the world is now not a safer, more just, place to live, but a much more dangerous place, not only for women but for all people, because AI has used its reputation and credibility to place a truly helpless group of people - the unborn - outside the purview of human rights. No one is safe because as history shows, once the blood starts flowing it is hard to stop. No one should know this better than AI, but now they have joined the enemy. They have become their own enemy. They are now complicit in genocide.

Finally, back to Jill Stanek, who cites an article at Politico concerning the networking patterns of liberal v. conservative internet activities and what can be learned to increase the effectiveness of prolife blogging and networking. (Of course, the biggest challenge for me and probably many others is finding the time to blog on all the items that interest me.)

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