Friday, January 05, 2007

Life of the Party?

Bob Novak describes how upcoming votes in Congress on embryonic stem cells will be an opportunity for newly elected self-described prolife Democrats to take a stand. Of particular interest will be how Pennsylvania's new Senator, Bob Casey Jr. votes on this issue.
Casey's vote may determine whether Bush's second veto is overridden by the Senate. The House will probably sustain a veto, with or without help from the seven Democrats. But apart from the stem cell bill, at stake is whether pro-lifers have any place in today's Democratic Party. Certainly, that small fraction will be under intense pressure from party leaders.

I do hope that Bob Casey will grow in his convictions to challenge the conventional wisdom in his party like his late great father did. Bob Casey Sr. was a major influence in my delaying for a few years switching from Dem to GOP.

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