Monday, January 22, 2007

The Greatest Mass Movement of Our Time...

...sparsely covered by the so-called 'Mainstream Media'. Once again, for the 34th year, the people gathered to call for an end to the greatest injustice of our time. Despite a cold and damp day, the March for Life included many thousands of participants whose expressions ranged from fervent prayer and hymns to enthusiastic chants of
Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Roe v. Wade has got to go!

The gathering of so many life-minded people in Washington, DC on one day allows for numerous gatherings before and after the March. I attended the second annual Blogs for Life conference. This event provides an opportunity for networking with other prolife bloggers.

This year's conference also provided a platform for some real leaders for life. Bobby Schindler, whose sister, Terri Schiavo, was put to death by judicial fiat, reminded the audience that the fight for life now goes beyond abortion to also include defending the sick and disabled. Jill Stanek, who heroic actions as a nurse exposed the horrific practice of allowing infants to die after induced deliveries and led to federal law protecting these infants, spoke of the power of prolife blogging. Senator Sam Brownback, who announced his presidential candidacy on Saturday, showed again that he is the leading voice in Washington for protecting human life and dignity. (I had the opportunity to chat briefly with Senator Brownback in the hallway at the conference.).

Actually, my March for Life activities started Saturday evening when I assisted my parish in welcoming and housing a large contingent of participants, mostly young people, who rode their buses for twelve hours from Saginaw, Michigan. The dedication of the many people who come from so many distant places is always the great inspiration of this march. We Shall Overcome!

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