Sunday, December 03, 2006

Catholic Science Fiction

I've recently been contacted by Karina Fabian, an author who writes science fiction which weaves in Catholic themes. For example, picture an order of nuns who live in space and perform search and rescue missions. Karina and her husband Rob are publishing an anthology of Catholic science fiction called Infinite Space, Infinite God. She also has a blog,

I've been giving thought to the Church's role in the expanding frontier, and I believe this kind of literature is a tremendous way to explore this topic. I've only begun to explore these two fascinating sites. (I've also added the links to my sidebar.) I recommend you check them out too.

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Anonymous said...

Joe, you're a dear!

Thanks for getting the word out about Infinite Space, Infinite God. We're looking forward to being guests on your blog. Let's talk faith-filled sci fi!