Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Marching To Defend The Defenseless

I participated in the 41st annual March for Life. in Washington today. This took more thorough preparation this year than usual because of the extremely cold temperatures today (~15-19 deg highs, not counting the wind chill) that followed yesterday's snowstorm. (May God pour abundant blessings on the individual(s) who invented hand and toe warmers.) While the extreme weather forced some groups to cancel their travel plans, the crowd still seemed overwhelmingly huge.

The March has received attention from around the world. Most noteworthy is a tweet of support from Pope Francis: "I join the March for Life in Washington with my prayers. May God help us respect all life, especially the most vulnerable".

Pictures tell the story of this gathering to speak out for the defenseless unborn and for an end to the unjust imposition of abortion on demand that takes so many of their lives. (Click on each pic to enlarge it.)

Young people stepping out to lead the March for Life

Students for Life of America have a message for the nation.

We don't believe that life begins at conception.
We simply accept the science.

The massive crowd marches up Capitol Hill to the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court: We'll come here every year until this grave injustice is overturned.

Prior to the March, I attended the ProLifeCon media conference at the Family Research Council. (I arrived late because of the weather conditions.)

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, whose large and growing family has become the theme of a reality TV show, describe how they live their prolife convictions.

Former Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum speaks on how to advance the prolife cause in politics and society.

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