Friday, November 09, 2012

Election: Where We Go From Here

Tuesday's election results are a great disappointment to many of us (to put it mildly). I'm not going to engage in the Monday morning quarterbacking right now as some of the underlying details of the vote are still unclear, except that we should not give up the fight for our fundamental principles of defending life and liberty.

There were some positive results from yesterday's elections and the most significant was probably the rejection of an  assisted suicide measure in Massachusetts. Thankfully, there is still a broad spectrum of opinion that doesn't want to go there. 

For a little perspective, the results still leave the "people's house" and a majority of state governorships in strong opposition control. Federal, state and local elections in two years will be the next major opportunity for the people to express their desires electorally. If the current trends toward financial and social crises aren't altered, the political climate will be dramatically different. For those tending to gloating or glooming about the election results, Wes Pruden says a little perspective is in order.

Also, much of the struggle for civilization occur outside the political process. Infiltrating existing institutions in education, culture, etc. and forming new associations will keep us engaged. New networks of communication that bypass the old-style media have been growing and form the basis of our 21st century counterculture. (Interesting that those of us who adhere to more "traditional" values are now the counterculture.) Often the culture will lead and the politics will follow.

Finally, remember Who is still King and He is not up for re-election. Interesting times ahead.

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