Friday, January 28, 2011

March for Life 2011

It's been a hectic week including a couple of evenings without power due to a winter storm, but the big story this week is still the March for Life and it's not too late to blog about it. While no one officially counts crowds at these events in DC, there easily may have been several hundred thousand participants in town to stand for life.

Thousands pour onto Constitution Ave. and ascend Capitol Hill.

Sign depicts a famous mom nurturing her special needs child, while post abortive women declare they are silent no more.

A clear agenda priority is brought by citizens to Congress to deny taxpayers dollars to the abortion industry giant.

The threat of the abortion crisis is not just a US concern.

The diversity of the prolife movement on display in front of the Supreme Court. The Secular Prolife web site provides prolife info for those of any faith or no faith.

Events prior to the March included a Sunday prayer walk in Germantown, Maryland in opposition to the late term abortionist Leroy Carhart doing operations there.

A large crowd opposes Carhart's late term atrocities in Germantown, as a friend of mine displays the message of the prayer walk.

Sunday evening, I went to the always powerful (and packed) Vigil Mass at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, and Monday morning before the March was the ProLifeCon social media conference.

Abby Johnson describes her book exposing Planned Parenthood while other advocates explain how to use social media to turn the tide for life.

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