Tuesday, December 29, 2009

World at Unrest

While we are celebrating Christmas and other holidays, a Christmas day terrorist atrocity was narrowly averted on Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines Flight 253, revealing vulnerabilities in our security system.

In Iran, the the struggle between the government and its people continues to intensify in violence. Michael Ledeen summarizes what has been transpiring there over the last several days.

Finally, John F. Cullinan describes the situation of the often forgotten Christians in Iraq.
While the Iraqi government has belatedly taken some modest steps to ease the suffering of Iraqi Christians, the U.S. government’s consistent policy of studied and shameful indifference forms rare common ground between the Bush and Obama administrations. It is an indelible stain on American honor that two administrations did nothing to assist, much less protect, a beleaguered religious minority. Such was not the case in the Balkans a decade ago, when the Clinton administration came to the aid of embattled Muslim minorities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo with decisive military force in similar circumstances. In Iraq, however, America’s unmet moral obligations were and are the direct consequence of the security vacuum arising from the American-led destruction of Saddam’s Republic of Fear.

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