Monday, November 23, 2009

"Enlightened" Agendas Falling Apart All Over

Those in the liberal political and cultural establishment may act like their biggest worry is Sarah Palin's book tour. But they must be feeling the sinking pit in the stomach over how their agenda is unraveling all over the place. A few examples:

- A man in Britain believed to be in a coma for 23 years was found to be mentally aware the whole time, demonstrating how foolhardy it is to be dismissive of such a patient's condition. Wasn't this what the family of Terri Schindler Schiavo (supported by the prolife and disability rights movements) tried to say all along?

- ACORN (the gift that keeps on giving): After getting busted this summer by an undercover video project for being willing to abet horrendous illegal activity (prostitution and human trafficking), the organization was facing an investigation by the California AG's office, so a branch office near San Diego attempted to dispose of many potentially incriminating documents, causing ACORN to be once again busted by its arch-nemesis, Andy Breitbart.

Hat tip to Rand Simberg whose comment should not be missed.
As I said, the Republic is fortunate in its enemies. It’s about what you’d expect, though. An organization like ACORN is not going to select for the best and brightest, and perhaps that’s what always saves us from people like them. Remember that tape during the campaign last year of the moron (I think almost literally) in the red tee-shirt, speechifying "ACORN needs Obama, and Obama needs ACORN"?

-The Earth may or may not be heating up, but the global climate research scandal surely is, with growing calls for investigation. More details revealed by Powerline Blog here.

This is the growing scandal that is starting to rock the world. Find many links to info and commentary at Climate Depot.

- And I haven't much time to go into the unravelling health care debate in Congress.


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