Saturday, September 12, 2009

We the People Came by the Many Thousands

The First Amendment, shown here posted on the wall of the Newseum, was well exercised today in DC.

Just an intimate little tea party that turned out so many people in Washington DC today that I've heard crowd counts all over the range. Any way, I was there and I can say that the crowd size was at least comparable to recent years of the March for Life, where crowd estimates seem to range from 100,000 to at least 200,000.

The issues that drove today's rally included the raging debate over what kind of health care reform to enact. taxing and spending, and the influence of outside agenda-driven organizations such as ACORN, where an undercover media team busted ACORN employees in Baltimore and in DC all too willing to enable criminal activity as in prostitution involving underage girls. (Whoever thought that providing "housing services" includes being willing to provide cover for whore houses?). The common theme among these issues is the sense of a government out of control pursuing policies based on utopian fantasies with no grounding in real life.

Some have tried to marginalize these protests as the harsh expression of a vocal minority. Maybe they're upset that the rest of us have caught on to this "community organizing" thing. While I don't necessarily endorse every sign or slogan I've seen at this or any rally, I feel this kind of outpouring is a healthy form of debate in a free society. What will be interesting is how this conflict between differing powerful forces in our society will play out.

Some of the more interesting signs/buttons on display at the rally today

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