Saturday, July 25, 2009

Heading Home Saturday

It's shortly before midnight PDT, Friday night, my last night in California for this trip. After the conference and the gala completed on Monday, Tuesday I headed up to stay in Mineral near Lassen National Park. Hiking and driving around the park were Wednesday's highlights along with a couple of nights under really starry skies to get reacquainted with the Milky Way and some of the well known (but some seldom seen in light-polluted areas) constellations. Thursday I returned to stay in Mountain View (a couple of blocks from where I lived for 17 years) for the final two nights in California for this trip.

Today, Friday, I made the pilgrimage I last made at least 14 years ago to the mother-of-all food festivals, the Gilroy Garlic Festival. As in those previous visits years ago, I tried a number of garlic-laden delicacies. By the time I got to the garlic-vanilla ice cream, my garlic-numbed tongue could only detect a hint of garlic.

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