Sunday, May 31, 2009

Murder of Abortion Doctor Appalling to True Prolife People

Today's murder of late-term abortion doctor George Tiller in Kansas is an act abhorred by me and the 99.99999...% of people actively working through peaceful means to protect human life at every stage and condition. (As of this time, a suspect has been apprehended but the motive is still unclear.) Professor Robert George of Princeton University says it best in this statement:
Whoever murdered George Tiller has done a gravely wicked thing. The evil of this action is in no way diminished by the blood George Tiller had on his own hands. No private individual had the right to execute judgment against him. We are a nation of laws. Lawless violence breeds only more lawless violence. Rightly or wrongly, George Tilller was acquitted by a jury of his peers. "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord." For the sake of justice and right, the perpetrator of this evil deed must be prosecuted, convicted, and punished. By word and deed, let us teach that violence against abortionists is not the answer to the violence of abortion. Every human life is precious. George Tiller's life was precious. We do not teach the wrongness of taking human life by wrongfully taking a human life. Let our "weapons" in the fight to defend the lives of abortion's tiny victims, be chaste weapons of the spirit.

Prolife organizations have consistently condemned this killing, so in case you don't hear it elsewhere here are statements from some of the major organizations: National Right to Life Committee, Priests for Life, Susan B. Anthony List, American Life League and the Family Research Council

May God have mercy on George Tiller's soul and provide comfort to his family.

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GrannyGrump said...

Some Tiller supporters are confusing recognizing the evil that he did with celebrating his murder.

But I bet I can think of an example of of Tiller's supporters recognizing the evil somebody did, while not wishing them dead.

Every time a murderer is executed.

You can hate, for example, what Ted Bundy did to Kimberly Leach, the Chi Omega sisters, and his other victims, and still not have wanted to see him fry.

You can hate what he did, in fact, and actually be sorry and upset that he fried.

Not because you thought he'd done no evil, but because you thought killing him was to indulge in that same evil.

THAT is how prolifers can despise what Tiller did, and still not wish to see him murdered.