Thursday, May 10, 2007

Viv' la France

There've been too many developments in politics and world affairs to keep up with recently. (So much to blog, so little time!) One of the more interesting and positive turns this week is the election of Nicolas Sarkozy as France's new leader. Former Senator (and possible future President) Fred Thompson savors the moment and reflects on its meaning.
From the beginning, Sarkozy pledged to help heal the ill feelings that have existed between our two countries — especially over Iraq. He outraged French Socialists and journalists by coming to America during his campaign to meet with our president. He has praised America’s dynamism, freedoms and prosperity, and he promises to work for reforms that will make France more like the U.S.

Sarkozy’s victory over anti-American political forces was not just decisive; it was far more of a mandate than our own current congress claims. In his first post-election speech, he went out of his way to say, “I want to call out to our American friends to tell them that they can count on our friendship.”

Who would have thought a few years ago that American conservatives would be raising a glass of French wine?

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