Monday, April 16, 2007

Space Race

While Charles Simonyi continues to enjoy his trip as a paying customer staying at the international Space Station (ISS), his 'station-mate' Sunita Williams completed her participation in the Boston Marathon, far above the wind and rain that dogged the thousands of other participants.

Meanwhile, one final note on Yuri's Night. Keith Cowing describes his experience at the Yuri's Night celebration at NASA's Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA and what it may mean for a changing relationship between the space community and society at large.
Yes the music was good, the lights and exhibits stimulating, and the crowd mellow and enthusiastic. But there was something more than sensual comfort operating.

There was an emergent property to all of this. I guess it at least had something to do with space exploration. But in many ways it was also about the future - the future of the future - and what it will be like to live there. In ever-increasing ways, our world is now poised on the cusp of what is and what will be. How that future is shaped is rushing at us at ever-increasing speed - and we all have our foot on the gas pedal.

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